dirt under my nails

DrK and I moved into our home the weekend after Christmas, last year.

Summer was deadly hot in the yard. There was absolutely no shade, and the black pavers and woodchip did little to cool things down.

I planted a few veggies near the back door over summer, just to see how they’d go. I’ve since decided that wasn’t the best place for them, but figure they can stay there for a little while longer.It’s springtime now, and DrK went gallivanting around the Western Front for two weeks, so I decided to get busy in the yard!

As you can see in the pic, our back fence isn’t straight – perfect for a raised garden bed! (Thanks to mum for snapping the uber-flattering photo…)

I cut the sleeper to size, dug a shallow trench then hammered in 3 star-pickets on the garden side before nailing them to the sleeper. There was lots of checking levels with the spirit level and measuring distances from the back wall.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

In the middle is a Manchurian Pear. They get beautiful white blossoms in early spring (we’ve missed them this year, but I am very much looking forward to seeing them next year!) and flame orange leaves in the autumn.

I also planted some Australian native violets, which will act as ground cover, and some slightly taller yellow Aquilegia to either side of the pear.

A couple of days later, I picked up a crimson Aquilegia, which I’ve put in behind the pear.



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