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11 August, 2008

I hung my William Dobell print for the Orient Line. My maternal grandparents (as well as DrK’s grandparents) came out from Scotland on an Orient Line ship, though twelve years or so after this advertisement was first used. I’ve picked up a few Orient Line pieces in the last couple of years – some original 1920s magazine adverts, and some china.

This print is hanging in our hallway just outside our guest room, and is visible from the dining ‘room’. I figured narrow print, narrow wall.

Eventually, I think I’ll get it framed, but I like it as is for now.

I used Magnart to hang it.

I saw the Magnart system on Dooce a little while ago, and managed to track them down in Canberra at The Framing Store.

I like that they don’t distract from the print. They’re sturdy, but non-permanent.