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12 September, 2008

I was looking on etsy for a ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ postcard that DrK could hang in his office.

I found said postcards, but also stumbled across HomeStudio.

HomeStudio is the Etsy location for art and creativity of Mark and Stefani, husband and wife.

He is an artist and furniture designer. She is a jewelry designer and entrepreneur. They live in southern California with their two young daughters.

“We began selling Scrabble Tile Pendants in early May, 2008. They are a collective effort. WE enjoy making them together for YOU and hope YOU share them with friends and family.”

I bought two of their tiles (and due to a great deal they had at the time, was able to pick a 3rd for free… They currently have free shipping): Keep Calm, and a Yoda quote.

They’re lovely little pendants. Very light (unbelievably light… it’s been a while since I played scrabble!). On the back of the pendant you can see which letter the original scrabble tile was.  Cute!

There are a range of styles available – words/phrases, birds, animals, flowers, patterns, and ‘quirky’ or ‘cool’.

I’ve been wearing them to school this week, on a black leather strap.

I was standing, talking to a year 9 class yesterday, as they waited to go into the computer room. Suddenly one of them said “Do or do not? What does that mean?” Another kid read the rest of my pendant (from a metre away or more). They were all thoroughly confused. One correctly guessed that it was a movie quote, but I refused to tell them which movie it was from, or who said it. Towards the end of the lesson I got called up to fix a computer problem.  “It’s Yoda!” yelled one of the kids from the back of the room. “We looked it up!”

Pretty, and educational, too!

My ‘free’ pendant was Bird on a Wire.

As I mentioned earlier, HomeStudio is currently offering free shipping — internationally. You’ve got to love that!